Emily Bett Rickards is an actress, yoga teacher, and dog lover, best known for her portrayal of Felicity Smoak on the CW show “Arrow”. In this interview, she compares best practices for television acting to acting in theatre, talks about why she’s wary of #Olicity fan art, shares why her action figure has 4 hands, and discusses her role in “Reborning” – a play about realistic-looking baby dolls…

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Host/Producer: Zain Meghji
Videographer/Editor: Andrew Bartlett
Video Content Coordinator: Laurenne Karmel


  1. Emily is the best!!! Thanks so much for this interview!! She loves so much acting and I’m so proud of her!!

  2. Watching this interview for the 4th time!! I love this human so much, She's so inspiring and I'm learning a lot from her. She's the best!! <3

  3. Wonderful interview, great, well-researched interviewer. Fantastic to see Emily branching out and expanding her craft further. Looking forward to seeing what's in store for Felicity in season 7, as well as what's in store for Emily in the future.

  4. Emily is amazing and if you hate her so much and only came to trash talk Felicity or her fans, please get a life. Do you not see how pathetic that it?

  5. I love her and i love Felicity (she's my favourite character), but i would like to see her more as Felicity Smoak and not her just as a part of Olicity (even if i'm a huge Olicity shipper), PLEASE HER CHARACTER IS MORE THAN JUST OLICITY !!!!!!!!!!! ….

  6. Emily is so eloquent & so well versed about her character. She plays Felicity beautifully & she will do amazing in Reborning too

  7. Emily is so intelligent and thoughtful in her responses. A true artist!

    Kudos to the interviewer for asking fantastic questions as well. I was thoroughly engaged.

  8. Emily is so talented and hard working at the same time very humble and grounded . this precious human deserves all the love and support. I'm sure she'll be successful in whatever she does.

  9. Love this interview. Perfect questions. Emily is always well spoken..I love that Emily's new PR team is working and give us new interviews etc. Thank you for this !

  10. Great interview! Thanks for featuring Emily. Love her as Felicity Smoak on Arrow but excited to hear she's doing more stage work.

  11. I love this woman and I love the fact that haters are taking time out of their sad lives to comment on this video, Urgh the power of Emily and Olicity.

  12. I could spend forever just watching her interviews and listening to her talk. She is sooo eloquent, so passionate about her work and sooo knowledgable about her craft. I hope she does this for the rest of her life!

  13. I could imagine this
    Me: walks in to yoga class, sees Emily bett rickards
    Me: walks out….
    Lol if I saw her I honestly would not know what to do 😂


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