I drew Sans as an anime guy! ;u; I also talk about my love of art (since I ramble a lot).

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Art Program: Paint Tool Sai
Tablet: Cintiq 24HD

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  1. Hey Pings,
    I was wondering if you could draw the main characters from Fairy Tail. Its my favorite anime of all time. The main characters are Natsu and Lucy. With their besties Ezra, Gray, Wendy, Gajeel ,Levy, Happy, and Carla. Happy and Carla are something called Exceeds from a different Universe called Edolas. This anime kinda reminds me personally of my little pony lol. Fairy Tail is basically about Wizards and different types of magic and about a guild called Fairy Tail. Mostly about the strongest group in Fairy Tail TEAM NATSU. So now that you get the gist of thing I would love to see this happen. Thanks:)

  2. I would like to see kuroko tetsuya from kuroko no basket or killua zoldyck from hunterxhunter in you style

  3. Wowie you did come a long way Bethany good job I'm so proud of you because I was with you when you were still doing the undertale play though ;w;

    Sincerely one of your many many MANY! fans–

  4. If you like undertale and video games you should check out jacksepticeye i love his play through on the game

  5. ok flying pings make a spirit dragon i made this species up and i got the idea from a cloud stay with me here a spirit dragon doesnt have any back legs other then that its a normal dragon (back legs are nonexistent only a tail at the back)


  7. Could you draw some of the Au characters? Or maybe a duo pic of Error!Sans and Ink!Sans. You should look that up! It’s a big part of the fandom.


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