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1. Balearic Breeze – Niklas Gustavsson

2. Crossing Manhattan 2 – Martin Gauffin

3. Glitz At The Ritz 1 – Gavin Luke

4. I Know Now (Instrumental Version) – Cacti



  1. Why does Saitama have hair he wouldn't have it in bother genders and honestly it looks like Sombra more than anything.

  2. Highly disappointed. Was expecting some good stuff but they just weren't portrayed as I view the characters. Goku is alright, Luffy I would have have thought would cover the chest even just a little (also where's the yellow sash/cloth around the waist coulda used that as a cover), Naruto already has the sexy justu so it wasn't needed, what's up with Saitama having hair and so much emotion, and why for the love of god does Ash not look like a 10 yr old girl at all?!

  3. Las cosas primarias que mirar en este comentario del Norte Directo de mi celular comentario te voy a decir otras cosas una No creo de mi opinión personal en la versión femenina de One Punch Man Debería ser por lo menos un poco más pelona y La de Naruto es la gran cosa porque siempre estás mostrando su senin invertido

  4. i think that women arent cut out to be a saiyan cuz when they fight there shirts will be ripped off then their tits will show but i cant blame tho

  5. I will say that your art is good and you have hood attention to detail but why do you have to make all the cleavage show, you can easily make a character look female with normal clothes on… Ash was good and goku wasnt bad, but saitama and luffy were pretty questionable

  6. I don't think if they were females it would instantly make them all so vuloptous, it doesnt go with each of their respective characters and personalities.


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