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In which Amy Dallen talks about Superman in honor of his upcoming feature film as well as the celebration of his 75th birthday of being in comics.

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  1. Hey Amy, I did a Superman Song, too, but it never showed up here =(
    You can look at my channel, it's the only video. ;D
    (Although I'm a little embarassed betwen all this good singers)

  2. I made an interpretation of Your a Superman, but i can figure out how to leave it as a response. Can someone help me? It's already on my channel, but the video response button has diapered! Well I guess you can check it out on my channel (i hate saying that, i feel like such a spammer!) If you do check it out, please tell me your opinion. Also, thanks for reading, thous that read, and have a great day! ^-^

  3. I love Superman: he's one of the older superheroes, created by two Jewish guys whose situation, or at least mindset, mirrors the situation of Superman: a stranger in a strange land, the last of his kind, who is searching for acceptance and identity in a world where he doesn't quite fit. Jews were true pioneers in comic book creation, but there are very few Jewish comic book characters; the most recognizable is Magneto, a genocidal super-villain. You should do a vlog about Jews in comics. Thanks


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