*please watch till the end for some scene* 😀
The “scene is a reference of the anime in the first or second episode.
note, things i said:
yamete kudai= stop it please
sama= is added after the name (important person)

I just wanted to make a joke like in the anime, i’m not trying to be or sound like a weebo or anything, just for letting you guys know, just trying to be funny ._.

alow!!!! everybody!!!! how are you doing?! we have another unboxing ohh yeah baby~!!! i got this today and i went ahead and started making the video, for those who dont remember! i said i was going to make an unboxing for her too on Momonga’s unboxing and better now that i have a new camera to test 😀

hope you like it!
i bought it at tokyo otaku mode:
here’s the link:

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  1. hi everyone~ i wanted to ask what you liked about the video, or why you disliked it?what can i do better, or what im missing. i'm still learning and want to do nice videos in the future. thanks!

  2. This is the first of your videos I've seen, and I like it! You are sounding funny haha I hope you do more videos like these, those two really look like a couple also ?

  3. Actually, I had a hard time for assembling her for the first time lol. But you were right, her arms are mostly desame :[


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