A Comicbook Orange is back in action with Geoff John’s and Richard Donner’s Action Comics from DC, rides with Dynamite’s The Lone Ranger by Brett Matthews and Sergio Cariello and contemplates death with Emily Strange from Dark Horse Comics.

Additional images provided by Bien Stephenson, otisarchives1, Argenberg, racoles, view from 5’2″, and taiyofj (1, 2).

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  1. And what is wrong with focusing on Cats and death? I for one adore cats and while death can be a difficult topic to write about successfully, it is always a universal topic that can be accepted and understood in any culture. And of course we're all going to die! We all die in the end, except me. "Death is a mug's game." For all that have read "The Sandman," tell me where that line came from! Ha ha ha! Emily rocks!

  2. FUCK her shes an ass ! and who the fuck tells her how awesome it is! the end is chessey, EMILY PROBLY THINKS SHE SUCKS ROCKS… BIG BLACK….ROCKS! LONG LIVE EMILY THE STRANGE!

  3. all those rude flamecomments.. and yet you just proven the fact.. it's a comic for teenage girls and exactly -those- will love it.. period..

    it still can't be compared to an artistic work like lone ranger.. and this is what's done here.. writing and drawing and coloring of novels are compared and given rating..

    so kewl down all you teenage fangurls.. it was nothing personal.. btw i'd still do mostly all of you cute gothpussies even tho you seem to lack common sense :>

  4. very clever! mums basement comment. did you just learn that on teh intarwebz? _my_ basement is full with comic books of all sorts.. even my dad drew and collected comics. i got his collection in my 30s and i'm constantly adding stuff to it.

    all you did was getting personal, like a lot of ppl b4 you (the reason for my comment in the 1st place) just for the fact that they believe 'their beloved comic' is the best, without any professional opinion! (if you study art or design you'd understand)

  5. @alexpuddin

    name calling o/

    do you think it makes a person 'better' if they've chosen a certain field of education? i certainly don't. i just happened to love art and wanted to turn my hobby into my job. facts won't change just coz you 'highly doubt' them.

    i invite you to come over and look thru various comic works with me and compare/discuss their objective quality. btw, i'm neither a lone ranger fanboi, nor a emily hater. i'm not even saying it's _bad_, just that it loses the comparison.

  6. @ZannaKurra thx for makin my point! you _are_ a teenage girl and call yourself goth-kid! ^_^ heh, jk. but what is it about you emilyfangirls and all the namecalling, eh? leitmotif anyone?! just so you know: a pedophile is someone who has erotic phantasies about little children, not teenage girls! and sorry to shatter your telepathic ambitions into pieces, but actually i _do_ have emily scans on my pc. and.. you doubt i have friends.. uhuh. can you see that thru your glassball or ouija board? 😛

  7. btw.. i don't see myself in any specific 'group', but if you want to count me to nerds, that's alright. a damn handsome one tho. nerds have built the internet that _you_ can now use to insult grown-ups. i have nothing against goths – why would i?! oh, and i never said, they're all about death. lemme repeat: ''i'm neither a lone ranger fanboi, nor a emily hater. i'm not even saying it's _bad_, just that it loses the comparison.'' (all of) you are entitled to love it nontheless! peace.. <3

  8. @ZannaKurra like anyone else, i do have free time on my hands that i can use.. since you commented on my reply, i certainly take the time and answer to your implications. code of communication, yaknow? i didn't rant – others did incl. foul language! and see.. just like the OP i think one _can_ compare drawn art. the storyline and value of it is a different story.. i give ya that. now lemme tell you some of my beloved comics.. preacher, transmetropolitan, alex ross works, etc

  9. @ZannaKurra damn.. i nearly forgot.. do you happen to know 'lenore the cute little dead girl'? that one appeals a lot more to me.. i even have some animations in case you wanna look?! i'd be happy to share em with you. i always thought it's good to have a different opinion on something, as long as you can back it up with arguments. some ppl on here think they can insult, coz it's the internet. in my eyes they stand out as dumb and that's not coz their opinion differs from mine!

  10. EMILY THE STRANGE SHOULD GET FIVE ORANGES!!! but… she gets only ONE?! HOW? well this is just for noobz i guess?! Because i'm pretty sure emily is better and cuter than ALL the other comics she was talking 'bout. She says that she is worried about it or something? yeah, right.

  11. @butterkeksss Your right.

    It's bullshit reviews like these that got that stupid show cancelled in the first place.

    I haven't seen any new episodes!

    Have You?

    Emily deserves many many many many oranges!

    A truly original book!

  12. I think the review of Emily the Strange was unfair,because a lot of people like emily the strange,particularly 13 year old girls and if some people dont like emily strange that doesnt mean its a louzy comic book.My point is everybody has their opinion and taste

  13. Teenage girls?
    I'm a 20 year old guy with a degree in Culinary Arts and another in Food Service Entrepreneurship, and engaged to an amazing woman who has 2 Art degrees and owns her own studio.
    WE LOVE EMILY THE STRANGE!!!! You just don't understand the counter culture. Try reading Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. You will probably fail to understand the brilliance behind that as well…


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