On the stage of the Louisiana Modern Museum, in the recent summer, artists Ulay and Marina Abramovic were together on stage as well as on screen. This has followed their earlier breakup up that took place at the Great Wall of China. It had ended there in 1988. The duo was seen to interact jovially unlike earlier noted meeting at a Danish museum in late June.


An interviewer who asked about the new video of the artists, proved ecstatic about the new development as their story had proven to be a touching romance. Abramovic who was on stage at the lecture called on her former mate Ulay who had turned up for the event unexpected. A video was later on produced.


The artists were thereafter interviewed separately but were all asked similar questions. Ulay indicated that it was preferable to leave a positive legacy or impact and release anger as well as hate that she had held onto from the previous year.


Ulay added that the two had rebuilt their friendship let go of their differences and they were enthusiastic about the video. However, a lot of observers are left wondering if they now have what it takes to continuously insulate their relationship from their past differences and separation to remain united. Their first performance was in the year 1977 and there were shared photographs featuring the two, their journey and generally their performances.


Footage that had been captured by an Italian TV showed the couple that had performed in the museum’s open doorway while 350 people struggled to pass by the then naked duo well before the police were able to bring the performance to a stop. With this performance, Ulay hints that there were risks they were open to such as knife-wielding persons who would have thereafter attacked them.


A video is to be released in September about Ulay’s art that has been made by Lund, the interviewer. Ulay is a German-born artist who retreated from the industry involving museums and art unlike his high profile partner then Abramovic. He did not stop working, however, but did it in a low key manner.


A Louisiana retrospective brought about the recreation of Imponderabilia then later on displayed between February and May this year. An event was recently organized that only depicted Ulay’s work at a large scale. This event would be the first of the kind to be organized in recognition of his work. This event is to be notably prepared as well as hosted by the Schirn Kunsthalle which is said to be located in Frankfurt.       



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