Quick sketch of the boys I’ve been neglecting. Slam had me drawing everything under the sun but them. I will try to do a fan art vid a week. My schedule will dictate this.


  1. on the kind of videos you should be doing. Always more mchanzo stuff 😀 I love the way you draw them, you have such a beautiful style!

    Also you should think about doing some time lapse videos of your full rendered stuff. Just one thing though, I always have to turn up the volume really high, your videos are very quiet, I don't know if that is the camera or software. I understand if it's just a limitation of what you have, but if there is a way for you to up the volume? Cause I do love listening to you but at home when I don't have my headphones on it's hard to hear you 🙁

  2. You are such an amazing artist!!! I love your work! If you do the Overwatch ships for InkTober can you PLEASE do Sombra x McCree. It's not a well known ship but tbh my personal favorite couple!


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