commission of OC Christmas for Tythius, who is SO NICE omg. fyi i’m drawing a very feminine guy

 timezones by niteboi ✨?
IMSXRRY by brothel.
dontspeak. by brothel.
 FOOTSTEPS by brothel.
ℓuminance – I’m gradually growing transparent and vanishing. (Mark Arkinson edit) by Mark Arkinson
Chairs (brothel. Remix) by Danelle
Swum Sample Pack by SwuM.


  1. 12yrs me watching Cyborg Love: Holy crap she's amazing. I wanna draw using photoshop too.

    16 yrs old me right now: Fuck she's still amazing and I still haven't mastered photoshop ?

  2. I hate using blender, but how you used it to create this artwork was so amazing and fun to watch! This piece is beautiful, please continue making lovely art such as this ❤

  3. This is amazing! This is seriously your first time doing this?! You got talent! I wish I could do this, I'm still trying to figure out Photoshop…

  4. This mixing stuff is out of this world. Personally I've never tried it because it seems like so much subdivision but you make it look easy ?

  5. I think you should start with a few primitives in addition to complex shapes like the skirt. It's really hard to get shaders to play well with stretched geometry like how you extruded the torso. I think it's easy to start with a subdivided cube or sphere where appropriate and sculpt outwards

  6. This is… this is too good to even exist. It's… awfully beautiful. Congratulations, stranger, you are officially one of the greatest artists I found on the internet.

  7. Omg you make blender look so easy to use, meanwhile whenever I try to make anything even remotely different from the preset cube I spend 1 hour trying only to give up ? Do you maybe have any tips on how you got used to the program? Also the drawing turned out amazing! :O

  8. I would love to see the process more slowly~ maybe I can buy it? It would help me a lot better understand how to work colors and lights in 3D to 2D!

  9. I really like this combination between 3D and 2D. Clever idea. You did a splendid job with this painting… And if you would make tutorials on this technique I would totally watch them 😀

  10. i didn't appreciate the amount of work that you put into this until i re watched it and saw how amazing it truly is. this is mind-blowing and i love it! it has so much depth and vibrancy! you are truly talented beyond compare!


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