Best most awesome sexiest and hottest cosplays girls of comi-con / anime-con / malvel babes . Pls Share & Subscribe !


  1. crap i am not gonna see the boobs,i just gonna see the legs,because girl legs is sexy if not fat lol

  2. 1:30 ehm, yeah. She tried, right ? =) And others are a bit overstated, like 1:51 or 3:30. But many of the women here have nevertheless hit the bottom, for example Bayonetta in 3:01, Kusanani in 4:10 and Desmond (?) in 10:38. I like girls, who approach something with passion, which i am fond of, too. This is especially so if they express it in such sexy ways like cosplay. 😀 I like the girls at 4:53, 9:43 and 5:42, too, but i dont know, who theyre displaying. I like their red-leather or tight rogue-like outfit. =)

    But its a pity that more than a few men overobjectify these girls.

  3. If you're going to post photos of cosplayers, at least credit their cosplay page/name on the image so people can look them up! As a photographer, I'm offended that you're posting photos of them and not giving credit! How are we supposed to look them up w/o their cosplay name?!


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